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Emedsim specializes in Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) CME and NON CME courses. Online Hyperbaric education is designed to provide comprehensive hyperbaric Medicine training ranging from introductory courses for beginners to the latest techniques for experienced Hyperbaric Medicine professional.

Online Hyperbaric courses are most convenient and effective educational medium for all medical professionals in Hyperbaric Medicine subject to continuing medical education credit requirements. Our CME courses are approved by American College of Hyperbaric Medicine.


  1. Online Hyperbaric education on CME course provides the ability to earn the CME / CEU credits around the demand of your busy schedule, at your convenience, over a period of upto one year.
  2. View a detail videos of instructor-led lecture session on Hyperbaric medicine by expert faculties from comfort of your dwellings
  3. Understand how components of Hyperbaric chamber work together during treatment to get comprehensive learning experience

According to the Institute of Medicine, medical mistakes claim the lives of more than 95,000 people a year. With so many emergency situations in the world today, there are even more reasons than just the mere fact that medical errors occur.

So this medical simulation in order to make the treatment error-free. As medical simulation is a cross-disciplinary effort that brings together providers, including nurses, physicians, and allied health professionals across a variety of disciplines with computer scientists, researchers, educators, and human factors engineers

Simulation is a training method which involves life-like examples using models, mannequins, like any instances from virtual reality; the most significant factor lies in it is its method: the computer based scientific tools guide the students in a more comprehensive learning as the process involves the learners, the feedback from observers, actor-patients, and ofcourse a video camera to assist the entire growth. This type of training is as same as any other training in aviation, defence, maritime and the others. Medical simulation coalesce real life experiences and real life case studies to make a contemporary, all inclusive training program.

This comprehensive study program helps anyone learn with ease: as they get the chance to clear their queries on the very moment. This method is a safe, inexpensive, realistic and effective learning tool. The computer based simulation training provides a high level of interactive education that is essentially helpful for teaching fast and helps efficient decision making.

Let me brief it so as to why putting pressure on its method again and again: the simulation is created in an environment that makes you aware of the particular surroundings, mechanical issues, emergency situation etc. Medical simulators today reproduce a patient using elaborated mannequins. They can talk and tell you what symptoms they are having, they can respond to drugs that are "prescribed" and it is all linked to real equipment so the learning individual can make those crucial decisions. Even such simple things as giving vaccines to more complicated procedures can be duplicated to fulfill the immediate need.

For training people who are interested in the medical profession in a timely yet highly effective manner for battling out all types of health complexities this is a very cost efficient way to maximize their dollars and acquiring education in one step.

There are a number of training centers spread all over the United States and soon, the world is going to get a few more. Not to mention that even at some colleges that have medical education as a primary field of study are with medical simulation programs. As we make more technological advancements this operation will undoubtedly be a common and fluent curriculum in teaching on every campus. We have all but left the day of cadavers and animals; we are now making great strides with virtual reality, robotics, etc. to help enhance the ways to learn. It is a promise that one day will come when people will complaint about no medical errors.

eMedsimulations in partnership with WebCME offers an educational experience that is determined for physicians, nurses and allied health professionals that are beginning to participate in wound care and impart basic knowledge for the management of wound care patients. All of our programs are approved by the American College of Hyperbaric Medicine. Our online courses meet and exceed the course guidelines of other professional societies.


"I want to thank emedsimulations for allowing us to add their tutorial to our website. I envisioned doing something similar to help educate potential clients, but they have done a great job. We are working with brain injured veterans and some older Colonials and Generals who have never heard of HBOT. I can guide them to the tutorial and they can take a self guided lesson on the possitive benefits of HBOT. Education is very importaint to my clinic and I would not hesitate to recomend this tutorial to be part of your web pressence. Thank you again!"

-Ryan Fullmer CHT, Owner,
Rocky Mountain Hyperbaric Institute
Louisville Colorado